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Welcome to the Dental Practice of Dr.
Christian Chung, D.D.S.

New York is a fascinating and fast paced city, energized by the citizens whose collective working spirit makes our city click and move forward everyday.

We love this city and we love servicing people like you, who make up the daily fabric of New York. That's why my team and I are dedicated to providing outstanding care, attention, and respect for your expectations as a patient.

Our goal is simple. We focus on providing quality care for your needs, so you that can get back to your daily life, making NYC great. You can expect gentle and personal concern from every member of my experienced and friendly staff.

I look forward to your visit and hope to see you soon!

Dr. Christian Chung, D.D.S.

Columbus Circle

200 W 57th St
Suite 1108
New York, NY, 10019

Phone: 212-757-9227
Fax: 646-930-4676

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State of the Art Care for All of Your Dental


Dr. Christian Chung provides some of the best smile makeover dentistry work to his patients. These services include:

  • A routine prophylaxis or a conventional periodontal therapy to eliminate dental plaque and tartar. Removing plaque and tartar, which cause inflammation, will help to establish a periodontium that is free of disease known as gingivitis and/or periodontitis

  • Cleaning, polishing, and hydrating enamel to their maximum luster

  • Whitening/bleaching teeth with Advanced Power Plus Zoom

  • Removing and replacing old or faulty restorations with marginal/gingival defects

  • Porcelain veneers and /or crowns to restore teeth to their maximum brightness and shine


If you are looking for the best reconstructive dentist near you - Christian Chung, DDS is here to help. We offer the best reconstructive dentistry care in the Manhattan area with proven results. Some of the services we offer for reconstructive dentistry are:

  • Healing of painful or abscessed teeth and creating an oral environment free of disease

  • Restoring teeth to their natural shape and size to facilitate normal chewing function

  • Creating a proper plane of occlusion/bite to reduce stress to the TMJ

  • Replacing missing teeth with implants, fixed bridges, and/or dentures according to patient's needs.


  • All types of crowns and bridges, including all ceramic, porcelain fused to gold, or porcelain fused to high noble metals. The choice will be decided by the patient with advice from the doctor

  • Porcelain jackets and porcelain laminates to enhance enamel brightness and shape

  • Advanced root canal therapy using the latest techniques and instruments to eliminate pain and shorten treatment time.


  • Every variety of fillings to restore decayed/carious teeth, including tooth colored fillings as well as silver metal fillings. Restoring material will be targeted for maximum patient comfort, aesthetics, and function

  • Pediatric dentistry

  • Gentle removal of unrestorable teeth and wisdom teeth

  • Conscious sedation available for every procedure


We provide the best aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry practice near you in the New York region. If you’re looking for a top cosmetic dentist to treat you - this is the place to be as we are conveniently located near Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Some of these services include:

  • Porcelain veneers and crowns

  • Composite bondings done chair-side

  • Laser bleaching

  • Tooth colored fillings using nano-hybrid composites

  • Emergency cosmetic dentistry

  • Aesthetic dental care

Our Reviews


Review from Haley G.

Source: Yelp | Jun 23, 2023

Went in with mouth pain and Mr. Chung with direct and seemed like he wanted to help me as soon as possible. I will definitely be coming back and highly recommend him and the other employees! Thank you!

Review from Thomas K.

Source: Google | May 1, 2023

Dr. Chung is an excellent dentist, he and his team are very friendly, efficient and most of all professional and competent. This was first class service! Excellent recommendation!

Review from Adrienn F.

Source: Google | Apr 7, 2023

A good friend of mine recommended Dr Chung when one of my tooth broke into half. I completely gave up on it and I went to see him to extract the tooth as 3 other doctors had said that is...