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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is done using different types of agents to lighten your teeth color. Teeth can become stained or yellowed based on things we eat or drink. Whitening can help to remove the stains that are embedded deep in your teeth pores. In our office we use the Philips Zoom! Teeth whitening to help our patients achieve a natural white smile.

How do you prepare for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whiteningTo obtain the best results from a teeth whitening treatment, it is recommended to have a cleaning done right before the whitening. By having a cleaning done, you can remove plaque and tartar that will trap stains in itself, so you will get the best results.

Why is Teeth Whitening performed?

Teeth whitening is performed to obtain a whiter tooth color. Sometimes teeth will become stained or yellow and whitening will help to remove the stains and brighten your teeth. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that is done to improve the appearance of the teeth and enhance overall smile aesthetics.

What can you expect during Teeth Whitening?

During a teeth whitening session, you will have 3-15 minute cycles where you will have your teeth prepared and have the bleaching solution placed on your teeth. You will sit under the Zoom light for the duration of the cycle. After each 15 minute cycle, staff will monitor your progression to make sure you get the best result.

What is the followup and recovery like for Teeth Whitening?

Following a Zoom treatment, you may have sensitivity for a day or two. It is also recommended to have a “light colored food diet” afterwards to avoid staining your teeth after the Zoom treatment.

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